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For us, travel means more than a vacation every year. Our goal is to travel and experience the world every day. Traveling can be in our local towns doing new things, or across the world in Taiwan. The world is so vast and has so many secrets to uncover, we cannot help but search our adventures and answers to questions through traveling. 

So far we have been to Italy, Thailand, Taiwan together and 49 out of 50 US States. We both have been to Canada, and Lydia has been to El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala, and the Philippines. We cannot wait to go on our next Adventure, any votes on where we should go next?

The travel section of our blog was started to share our knowledge of travel, our stories, our wishes, and to just be fun and positive content. We hope you find some useful and inspiring content on our site and we look forward to you joining the Legacy as we all travel and grow together as a community of adventure seekers. 

Why should you trust us to give you travel advice?

We technically are professionals, but that doesn’t make someone a trust worthy source. Here are 10 reasons you can trust us and the content we put out: 

  1. We have and still do travel professionally across the USA. Sam owns a trucking company and has his CDL and he visits places like Yellowstone, Denver, Bozeman, and more. 
  2. Lydia has been to 49 out of 50 US states and sam has been to 42. Not only have we visited these states, but we have driven almost every road in all of these states. We have vacationed and worked almost everywhere. 
  3. Lydia has been to 9 countries and sam has visited 5. We have been to Europe, Asia, Central America, and North America. 
  4. We have traveled the world individually, as a couple, and as a family with out daughter. We know how to plan a trip no matter what you are looking to do and who you are going with. 
  5. We are bad consumers. This means that we are skeptical of everything on the internet and it takes a lot of research, testimonies, and experience to convince us to trust a product or service. We do not recommend things that are unsafe or low quality. 
  6. We have a passion for history and culture. We are not looking to do mainstream tourist content. We want to dive into the history and culture of every country and place we talk about. Traveling to us is much more than just a vacation. The world is our classroom.
  7. We are family oriented. We got married in 2019 and had our first daughter in 2022. Looking forward to growing our family and putting out family friendly content.
  8. Lydia comes from a family where traveling is a big deal. Her parents have been to every content and are even currently living in Taiwan. 
  9. Sam comes from a family where they moved all over the USA for work. Sam has experienced many different cities on a deeper level. By the age of 25 Sam had moved 25 times!
  10. We are fun and knowledgeable, so maybe that is enough to convince you!

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