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brown vehicle on road under white skyWe bet you have questions about your upcoming travel plans. How to plan a trip? How to pack healthy meals while driving? Best places to stop along your route? Where should you go?

You have so many questions about your upcoming roadtrip, but you do not know where to start. That is where Legacy Terra comes in. These are things that we defiantly know. Let us answer your questions. We have years of experience from working on the road. Let us help you plan your next road trip from start to finish. We have the best advice on how and where to road trip. 

Follow us along as we take you to national parks, popular cities, and little known hidden gems. We can guide you on what places you need to stop at or skip. Let us show you what a locals insight is on some of your bucket list places to visit. We have lived and driven all over the USA and we can’t wait to share what we know with you. 

Join us as we share with you the best tips to planning and executing your ultimate roadtrip. 

Our Experience 

We come from a transportation background. Over the years we have lived on the road traveling from place to place. This just means we have driven a lot of places for a long time. When we first started driving around the United States, we made so many mistakes. The biggest issue we had from living on the road was keeping a healthy lifestyle. When we started there was nothing out there to help us. We were left to struggle. After years of driving we can literally call ourselves professional drivers. Our goal is to share what we have learned with you so you do not have to struggle the way we had to struggle. 

No matter how long or short your driving distance, we have tips that can benefit you. Check out our posts bellow to learn basic travel tips, read about the best road trips in the USA, and more!

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