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Welcome to Cocoa Beach Florida!

Cocoa Beach, Florida, is a popular destination for tourists and locals. Located on the east coast of Florida, Cocoa Beach is known for its beautiful beaches, warm weather, and various activities to enjoy. We accidentally found ourselves at Cocoa Beach during a work trip, and we could spend a day exploring. Here is what we recommend. 

1. Cocoa Beach:

One of the main attractions of Cocoa Beach is the beach itself. The beach stretches for miles and offers a variety of activities, such as swimming, sunbathing, and surfing. Cocoa beach also has several surf schools where visitors can learn to surf or take lessons to improve their skills. The beach is also great for beach volleyball, beach soccer, and frisbee.

2. Deep Sea Fishing 

Another popular activity in Cocoa Beach is fishing. The area is home to various fish, such as redfish, trout, and snook. Visitors can book a fishing charter or rent a boat to go out and catch their fish. There are also several fishing piers where visitors can catch fish without needing a boat. 

When we were at Cocoa Beach, we went shark fishing. Sharks are most active at night, so we boarded the boat at sunset and set out into the night sky to catch some sharks. We were uneducated before going on this trip, so please learn from our mistakes:

Deep Sea Fishing Tips:

  1. Take a motion sickness tablet 30 min before you get on the boat. Our fisherman guide told me, “It’s not If you get seasick. It’s when you will get seasick”. No one is immune to motion sickness, and it does not hurt you to take precautions. 
  2. Wear long pants and bring a jacket. If you go shark fishing at night, be ready for some cool air out in the open ocean. We even got rained on, so we were soaking wet out in the middle of the ocean. Even if you go deep sea fishing during the day, you will want long pants and a jacket if you encounter a cloudy sky. It is better to have them in your bag and be prepared than to be stranded in the cold. 
  3. Only go to the bathroom if it’s an emergency. When you are on a medium size boat and go inside the enclosed area where the bathroom is, you increase your likelihood of getting motion sickness. On our trip, everyone who went to the bathroom ended up throwing up. I did not go to the bathroom, and I did not feel sick once. 

Deep sea fishing was so fun, and I would recommend it. I could catch and hold a black-tip shark during our trip. I recommend renting your own private charter, giving you more flexibility than a big tour group. 

3. Night Life:

Cocoa Beach also has a vibrant nightlife scene with many bars, restaurants, and clubs to choose from. Visitors can enjoy live music, delicious food, and cold drinks while enjoying the beautiful ocean views. Visitors can also take a walk along the beach during sunset and enjoy the beautiful colors in the sky. Nightlife is not really our scene, so I do not have any personal experiences I can share. Start walking around, and you will come across some fun-looking bars and clubs. You should not have to look hard for a good time. 

4. Cocoa Beach Pier 

The Westgate Historic Pier at Cocoa beach is great for shopping and eating. There is also an attraction office that can hook you up with fun activities like water sports and helicopter rides. This pier is full of things to do and stretches into the ocean 800 feet. We did not have any trouble with the crowds when we visited on the weekend. The pier was very lively and fun. 

pair at the beach

3. Water Sports

For adventure seekers, Cocoa Beach offers water sports such as jet skiing, parasailing, and paddle boarding. There is usually availability for same-day scheduling of Watersport rentals and trips. The waves are fantastic at Cocoa Beach, and I recommend getting in the water. Cocoa Beach is the place to take surfing lessons. We saw so many people doing this at the beach, and I was jealous. 

After your fun, you can relax on the sand or at the pier. Remember sunscreen and an umbrella because the sun is there to get you even on a rainy day. 

4. Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center’s nickname for Cocoa beach is the Space Coast. Cocoa beach is just south of the US Space Force Base. The Kennedy Space Center is an excellent place for some fun indoors. You can learn about cutting-edge and current space exploration efforts from NASA. 

  1. Visit the Apollo/Saturn V Center: This exhibit showcases the Apollo program, including the Saturn V rocket that took astronauts to the Moon. Visitors can see the original rocket and learn about the technology that made the program possible.
  2. Explore the Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit: This exhibit features the space shuttle Atlantis, which flew 33 missions and provides an inside look at the vehicle’s capabilities and the role it played in the history of space exploration.
  3. Visit the International Space Station Center: This exhibit provides an interactive look at the International Space Station, including a full-scale replica of the ISS and information on scientific research.
  4. Visit the Rocket Garden: This exhibit features a collection of historic rockets and missiles, including a Redstone rocket used in the Mercury program.
  5. Visit the Hubble Space Telescope exhibit: It features a replica of the Hubble Space Telescope, one of the most important scientific instruments ever built, and learn about its groundbreaking discoveries.

Overall, the Kennedy Space Center is a fascinating destination that offers visitors a chance to learn about the history of space exploration and see the facilities where NASA launches its spacecraft. It’s an educational and inspiring experience for people of all ages.

5. What Else do they offer at Cocoa Beach?

Cocoa Beach also has a variety of parks and recreational areas for visitors to enjoy. These include Lori Wilson Park, a playground, picnic areas, a dog park, and the Thousand Islands Conservation Area, which offers hiking trails and a chance to see local wildlife. Visitors can also ride along the beach and enjoy the scenic views.


In conclusion, Cocoa Beach is an excellent destination for those looking for a beach vacation with plenty of activities. Cocoa Beach has something to offer everyone, whether you’re looking for a relaxing day on the beach, an action-packed fishing trip, or a night out on the town. With so many activities, visitors will always have things to do in this beautiful beach town.

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